Board of Directors

BB Camp is very proud of our Board of Directors.

We would like to thank the following:

Amy Blauer

Amy is a co-founder of ReJewvenation, B’nai B’rith Camp’s women’s retreat. ReJewvenation has attracted 475 women of all ages over the last six years, with the goal of building a diverse group of passionate women (and families) who enjoy and support Camp.  Amy began attending B.B. Camp in 3rd grade and has been part of the Camp family since.  Amy even met her husband, Doug, at Camp.

Karen Blauer

Karen Blauer administers Metro’s community enhancement grant program, making public investments in local improvement projects. Prior, she worked in fund raising, community relations and leadership development for the Jewish Federation (Fort Worth, TX and Portland, OR) and the New Israel Fund (in New York City); she also worked in public relations and marketing (Portland, OR).

She was advisor to (and once president of) Beth Israe! Youth, student leader of the University of Oregon Jewish Student Union and active in Claremont Colleges Hillel. Born and raised in Portland, she (her sisters and Mom) spent many happy summers at BB Camp and Camp Swig.

Steve Friedman

Affectionately known as “Sudsy,” Steve Friedman was born and raised in Portland, Oregon.  He’s been involved with B’nai B’rith Camp in almost every way possible, as a camper, CIT, Counselor and Dishwasher (i.e. where his nickname came from) and currently as a Men’s Camper.  For the past 10 years, Sudsy has worked on the “Send a Kid to Camp” golf event which is one B’nai B’rith Mens Camp’s most successful fundraisers.

Mark Goodman

Mark is the Vice President of City Center Parking, which has been owned and operated by the Goodman family since 1955.  He oversees the operations of office and field-related responsibilities and has worked in the business since 1981.  City Center Parking operates over 250 parking facilities in Portland.  Mark is also a partner in his family’s real estate holdings, predominantly in Portland’s central business district. Mark serves as a Board Member of Portland Business Alliance, Portland Mall Management Inc, and Portland Center Stage.  He currently is a Member of the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties.  Mark is a Past Board Member of Cedar Sinai Park, Jewish Federation of Greater Portland, Jewish Community Center, and Portland Jewish Academy.

Jaimie Harper

Jaimie (Simon) Harper is a Portland native.  She describes her experiences as a camper and counselor at BB Camp as those most formative to shaping her personal and Jewish identity.   Since her years as a camper, she has been active in the Jewish community with organizations such as BBYO, Hillel and the Jewish Federation.  Jaimie is also co-chair of the Etz Chaim Legacy Society, which she helped to establish.  She has her masters in social work from UC Berkeley and currently works as a hospice social worker with Kaiser Permanente.  Jaimie is married to Jacob Harper who also worked at Camp and they have a one-year old son, and future camper, Reuben.

Stuart Kronick

Stuart has a long history and commitment to the Jewish community.  For ten years, Stuart served as a MJCC professional staff member in a variety of positions, including: B’nai Brith Camp & Camping Services Director for all camps at the MJCC, Program Director, Assistant Director, and Director.  Stuart also has served the community as a lay leader.  He served on the MJCC Board of Directors for 18 years, President of the MJCC Board of Directors (1999-2000), and as a member of the JFCS Board of Directors.  Stuart is currently on the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland’s Allocations Committee.  For more than 15 years, Stuart has been a camper at B’nai B’rith Mens Camp, and his daughter was a B.B. Camper for many years.

Bob Mendelson

Bob, a pediatrician, has been associated with B.B. Camp since 1941, when he was a camper for the first time.  He served as a counselor and program director for day camp.  Bob is a parent of four, all of which went to BB Camp for many years.  Bob was the Medical Director for many years in the past, and for the last three years, in cooperation with David Spiro MD, he has been coordinating Camp’s physician team and medical needs.

Miles Newmark

Miles, born and raised in Portland, graduated from Wilson High School in 1977 and U of O in 1981.  Since 1986, Miles has been a Real Estate Broker with Pinnacle. He and his family have a long history with B.B. Camp.  His mother attended Camp as a child; his four siblings went to B.B. Camp, as did most of his cousins.  Miles attended Camp from early elementary school through high school, and then went on to become a counselor for three years.  He served on the B.B. Camp Strategic Planning Committee.

In addition to his involvement with B.B. Camp, Miles is currently the Treasurer for Temple Beth Israe!, a board member and past president of OAJC, as well as a past board member for both the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland the CRC.

Irv Potter

Irv, Chairman of the Board of the B’nai B’rith Men’s Camp Association, has a long commitment to Camp, as does his family.  His father was a B.B. Camper for its first session in 1921.  Irv was a camper for six years, counselor for two years, Men’s Camp counselor for two years, and Men’s Camper for thirty-five years.  Irv served as the Chair of the B.B. Camp Strategic Planning Committee.  Irv is a past President of the MJCC and Congregation Neveh Shalom.  He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the MJCC and PJA.

Felicia Rosenthal

Felicia, a lifelong Portlander, spent 14 years working and later consulting in Human Resources Management. In 2009, Felicia and her business partner sold the business they had started and enjoyed running for five years. Felicia has found volunteering in the community as an important part of her life. She has volunteered extensively with the Jewish Federation of Portland, serving as Young Women’s Division President, co-chair of Connections (now Impact), co-chair of Super Sunday, as well as numerous committee chair and Board membership stints. She has solicited funds for JFP and Neveh Shalom, and she has served on a number of committees for Neveh Shalom. Additionally, Felicia has served as the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) President and other PTO Board positions.  Felicia is enjoying her few remaining years of “hands-on” opportunities in the school, such as cookie sales and Art Literacy coaching.

Felicia never attended BB Camp until ReJewvenation; now she wouldn’t miss it. Her children, Brittany and Shawn, have attended since they finished second grade. Both of them are devoted BB Campers, without question! Todd, Felicia’s husband of 20 years, has been attending Men’s Camp for 18 years, and his grandfather was an original camper. Felicia is a member of BB Camp’s Etz Chaim Society and served on the Strategic Planning Sub-committee updating the Camp mission statement.

Kyle Rotenberg

Kyle, the President of the B’nai B’rith Men’s Camp Association, has a long history and commitment to B.B. Camp.  He spent three years as a camper, four years as a Men’s Camp counselor, and since 1970, he has spent every summer as a camper at Men’s Camp.  Kyle is devoted to the continued growth and improvement of B.B. Camp and Men’s Camp.  Kyle served on the B.B. Camp Strategic Planning Committee.

Robert Sacks

Robert graduated U of O in 1992 with a BA in Political Science and from Portland State University in 1997 with a Master of Public Administration.  He has worked on numerous campaigns and ballot initiatives, worked in a public relations capacity for six years, and has been in the automotive retail sector for the last nine years.  Robert and his wife, Nicole, have been married for 12 years and have an 9 year old son, Jake.

Robert first attended BB Camp in 1977 in the Kadema program.  After that, he returned every year as a camper, counselor-in-training, dishwasher, and/or Men’s Camp counselor.  His last summer at Camp was 1991.  Robert’s wife and son attended Camp for the first time in 2009, and they are now hooked.  Robert became a men’s camper for the first time in the summer of 2009.

Jeff Shulman

Jeff Shulman currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and is president of Card Player Media.  As an accomplished poker player he has made the World Series of Poker Main Event final table twice.  Jeff grew up in Seattle, Washington, and like his father Barry, spent most of his childhood summers going to BB Camp.  From 2nd grade – 9th grade Jeff was a camper and went for 2 sessions each year except the first. From 1990-1993 he was a CIT, a counselor, and the Sports Director.

David Spiro

David has served as our camp medical director the past four years with Dr. Mendelsohn, one of his mentors. He currently serves as Section Chief of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at OHSU and helped raise money to create the Pediatric ER at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. David also co-founded VidDx, a new company to help health care professionals and new parents learn differently about medicine using video diagnosis. He is a former summer camper in the Poconos, Pennsylvania. Most importantly, Dave is also the proud father of four children (who all attend BB Camp) and married to Kim Spiro.

Scott Zacks

Scott is a native of the great pacific northwest having grown up in Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver B.C., where he attended Jewish Summer Camp Hatikvah as a child.  B’nai B’rith Camp holds a special place in Scott’s heart.  Working as a counselor in the 1980’s Scott became part of a unique community filled with life-long friendships and close community ties that persist today.  He has also been involved with Men’s Camp for a long time, having worked as a counselor in 1989, and as a participant in the 90’s and 2000’s.  In addition to serving on the BB Camp Board, he also sits on both the Alumni and Technology Committees and  Co-Chaired  BB Camp’s 90th Celebration.


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