BB Camp Blog – Week 1: June 27-30, 2017

What a great first week of camp! Older Unit had a unique first evening program which required them to complete challenges within their team in order to obtain junk parts to build junk robots. From potatoes to paper clips, metal tongs to apples, we ended the program with four amazing junk robots! Next week Wednesday, we have our overnight to go white water rafting. Campers are very antsy to go, and it’s apparent from experienced staff that this trip will be a memorable one. Lastly, we had cabin skit night on Thursday. The entire camp viewed the Older Unit perform clever skits with all of our campers up on stage making everyone laugh! – Emily Christensen Older Unit Unit Head

Younger  unit filled camp with lots of giggles and silliness. We had cabin skit night that was super funny.  The campers have been learning dances and making arts and crafts.  In the evenings we’ve had a skit night that was really funny and made new friends with a fun scavenger hunt.  They are getting use of their swimsuits going canoeing, swimming and tubing.  We have such an amazing team and campers which is going to make this session amazing. – Britt Rosenthal Younger Unit Unit Head

The LIT unit has been busy learning about, and participating in a program called teen philanthropy, which is a program that 10th grade campers do to learn about tzedakah and Jewish values such as kavod, which means respect and tikkun olam, which means repairing the world. This summer, role modeling and the impact the LIT unit has on the rest of camp will be a big part of what will be taught to the campers. They also have been learning about Israeli culture and some of the campers even got a chance to go inner tubing! Next week we will be leaving on our 3 night overnight, where the unit will have the amazing opportunity to go rock climbing and explore Oregon. This summer is going to be one for the book!      -Elle Holzman LIT Unit Head

It is hard to believe the first week is already coming to a close. The Teen Villagers have been busy getting settled into their cabins, meeting new friends and exploring new activities. On Wednesday evening the whole unit hopped into canoes and kayaks and made our way to a small cove on the lake. Once we were there, we had a conversation about how being a TV means gaining responsibility and leadership. As a unit, we are all very excited for our overnight trip, which departs on the 5th of July. As for this evening, we will be celebrating our first Shabbat of the summer. – Chanel Bourdeau Teen Village Unit Head

The SITs are settling into life at camp and their new camp roles as members of the Staff in Training program. The program focuses on learning how BB Camp operates from all sides of camp by working with Specialists, Aquatics, Counseling, the Kitchen and the Day Camp Program. The SITs are looking forward to next weeks overnight trip and learning more about how to be leaders on camp.  – Shea Northfield, SIT Coordinator

Thursday evening’s program was Cabin skit night.  Every cabin got up onto stage and presented an original skit before the whole camp.

The campers are all participating in different clubs such as woodworking where they will be building chairs for their cabins with their names engraved on the side.  Another fun club is wacky science, where they learn all fun kinds of science experiments like how to make ice cream or volcanoes.

Our older unit recently had an evening program where they made awesome looking robots out of odds and ends on camp.  They looked super cool sitting in the dining hall in front of all of camp the next morning.

The 9th and 10th graders have both been participating in programs where they talk about what leadership on camp is like.  The 9th graders first canoed across the lake to a nearby beach, and the 10th graders’ discussion was followed by an awesome campfire with traditional camp songs. – Corey Oken, Program Director

Shabbat Shalom!

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