BB Camp Blog – Week 3: July 8-14, 2017

OLDER UNIT – This week there has been a lot of awesome programming for our teens. The 7th graders went to Devil’s Punch Bowl on a Day Trip, this is a beach spot where they got to explore. The 8th graders went on a hike called Drift Creek Falls, this is a short hike with a bridge that leads to waterfalls that the kids got to enjoy. Together they got to do a program exploring their ancestery as well as learning about various famous leaders and what Jewish Values they exemplify. This past week we held our Maccabbiah games which was lead by our Teen Village Unit. They each split into colors and took the lead on planning, coordinating and role modeling for their team. Our LIT unit has been busy learning about the importance of philanthropy and leadership among the camp community. They planned and executed their own evening program called “I challenge you” for the younger and older units. We are all getting ready for a nice and peaceful shabbat.