April 19, 2022

Dear BB Camp Community,

With great joy, we share that Bette Amir-Brownstein, our Overnight Camp Director, will begin her pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Counseling and her dream of becoming a school counselor. We are incredibly proud that Bette’s experiences with BB Camp have led her to this wonderful path. Sadly, however, after several years on our professional staff team in many roles, including our Overnight Camp Assistant, Associate, and Director positions, this exciting journey means that Bette will be leaving her current position with BB Camp at the end of May. We will miss Bette immensely but wholeheartedly congratulate her on taking this extraordinary step in her personal and professional journey.

We are all so grateful for Bette’s dedication during her time with BB Camp towards the betterment of our camp kehila (community)- and for our campers! She has exuded passion for Jewish camping and brought our campers and camp staff immeasurable warmth, positive energy, care, connection, and simcha (joy). We are extraordinarily grateful for all that she has done for so many. Although it’s hard to say goodbye (for now!), we are beyond thrilled for Bette, and we know we speak for so many of you when we say that we cannot thank her enough. Todah Rabah, Bette!

With this news comes an exciting announcement (yes, we can hear the campers singing announcements, announcements, announcements…). We are delighted to share that Ben “Chuck” Charlton will serve as our Overnight Camp Director for the 2022 summer! Ben served as our Overnight Camp Director from 2015-2019. He currently serves as our Chief Program Officer, supervising our Overnight, Day, and Family Camps. As we head into a magical summer at BB Camp, we are so lucky to be in Ben’s experienced and capable hands. Along with our exceptional professional camp staff team, Ben will create a fun, safe, and meaningful BB Camp summer for our campers filled with adventures!

Bellow is a letter from Bette to our community. Mazel Tov, Bette! We can’t wait to see you again!


Michelle Koplan
Chief Executive Officer

Dear BB Camp Families,
It is incredibly bittersweet to be announcing that I will be leaving BB Camp later this year to continue my education. I will be starting graduate studies in Counseling with a specialization in schools, a decision that has been inspired by my work at BB Camp. With BB Camp’s philosophies as my driving force, I am entering that field with the strong belief that every child can find success with the right support. I have felt incredible amounts of joy through forming connections with families and campers throughout my time at Camp.
During my time working at BB Camp, I likely didn’t go a single day without talking or thinking about the Jewish value of Kehila (community). The BB Camp staff is constantly thinking about how we can continue to be more inclusive and always continue strengthening our community. We approach our work with our community in mind and regularly reevaluate the community’s needs. The BB Camp team is one that welcomes new ideas and innovation to provide more healthy, safe, and positive experiences. This is a value that I will hold onto in all my future work.
The power of the summer camp experience is invaluable, and I have witnessed this countless times through my work at BB Camp. We design our programs so that children leave with more independence, more skills to interact with one another, and a sense of belonging. Especially in these continuous times of uncertainty, this sentiment grows even stronger. There is a place to enter the BB Camp community at any age and any stage. For me, I found this as a first-time counselor back in 2011 and I am forever grateful for being encouraged to apply to be on the staff year that summer. Now, after 10 years, I am proud to have been part of a team that works to provide meaningful Jewish experiences for the individuals it serves.
As I begin my exit as the Camp Director, I am truly appreciative of all the campers, staff, parents, alumni, and colleagues who make BB Camp the Kehila that it is. This is an exciting time for BB Camp as we continue to create new opportunities for individuals to engage with us. I look forward to continuing to be part of BB Camp’s Kehila!
With Gratitude,
Bette Amir-Brownstein
Overnight Camp Director