2021 BB Overnight Camp COVID-19 Mitigating Operations and Protocols

The following are BB Camp’s procedures and protocols, developed in response to COVID-19. BB Camp continues to uphold the highest standards of safety and quality of programmingOur professional staff team will implement the accommodations necessary to provide safe and meaningful experiences at BB Camp. 

These guidelines were written in accordance with the recommended guidelines and documents created for summer camp professionals from the American Camp Association (ACA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). For further information, please review the Center for Disease Control Guidance for Operating Youth and  Summer CampsAmerican Camp Association’s Field Guide for Implementation of CDC Guidelines and the Oregon Health Authority Statewide Reopening Guidance- Youth Programs. Oregon Health Authority Statewide Reopening Guidance- Youth Programs.  

BB Camp continues to stay up to date with the recommendations linked above. Protocols and procedures may change at any time in accordance with updates to the recommended guidelines from OHA, CDC, or ACA.

Updated as of  May 3, 2021    

Prior to Camp 

  • BB Camp will inform families and staff, prior to the start of Camp season, regarding the precautions and procedures Camp has implemented/will implement to minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure. 
  • Parents will be asked to indicate that they have read and understand the policies and procedures that BB Camp is implementing to minimize and mitigate the risks of COVID-19 exposure

During Camp  

Communication between parents and BB Camp  

  • BB Camp has a team of administrative and medical staff designated to answer questions regarding COVID-19. Parents will be given information on who they should contact for questions during the Camp session.  
  • Camp will send out communication by email with any updates regarding COVID-19 that might affect the campers currently living on Camp.  
  • Parents/guardians will be notified of any potential exposure their child has had with confirmed cases or if their child is experiencing symptoms  

Mail and Packages  

  • We always encourage parents to write to their campers at Camp. To minimize the risk of outside delivery drivers coming into Camp, this summer, we will only allow letters to be received at Camp. Letters can be sent by mail or through our camp email system. Packages will not be permitted this summer.  

Communication with campers regarding COVID-19 

  • Camp staff will be trained on ways to talk to campers in an age-appropriate manner about COVID-19, and to respond to the potential fear and anxiety that living as a child during the Pandemic has caused. 
  • BB Camp will be limiting the amount of new information that campers are receiving regarding COVID-19 to limit anxiety regarding the Pandemic.  

In response to the FDA approval of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children 12 years of age and older, and with the recommendation from the Wellness Committee, the BB Camp Board of Directors has adopted the following policy regarding COVID-19 Immunization:

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy for Overnight Camp, effective Monday, May 24, 2021:

  • First Session, starting June 29: All Campers turning 12 years of age prior to June 4, will be required to receive both vaccination doses any time prior to the start of the Camp session.
  • Maccabee Session, starting July 20: All Campers turning 12 years of age prior to June 13, will be required to receive both vaccination doses two weeks prior to the start of their Camp session.
  • Second Session, starting July 20 (4-week session) or July 29 (2 and 3 week sessions): All Campers turning 12 years of age prior to June 13 (for the 4-week session) or June 22 (for 2 and 3 week sessions), will be required to receive both vaccination doses two weeks prior to the start of their Camp session.

As with other required immunizations to attend Camp, to apply for a medical exemption for a child, the parent or guardian, must submit a letter signed by a licensed physician or nurse practitioner. Please email Bette Amir-Brownstein, Camp Director, for details about what information is required. Requests for a medical exemption will be reviewed by the BB Camp Chief Executive Officer, or designee, and a representative from the Wellness Committee.

At this time, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has not released new guidance regarding vaccinated campers. Until we receive updated guidance, all campers will follow the most recent BB Camp COVID-19 Mitigating Protocols. As always, any changes to these protocols will be communicated to families.

Prior to Camp  

  • 14 days prior to the start of the Camp session, we will ask that parents/guardians self-monitor their child(ren) for any COVID-19 symptoms.  
  • If a camper was diagnosed with COVID-19 less than 10 days before the start of Camp, they will not be permitted to attend that Camp session.  
  • All Campers are required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours before the first day of their Camp session. BB Camp will provide information about obtaining COVID test for your child(ren). 

In-Person First Day Screening for Campers  

  • Screening of all campers entering Camp will be completed by a BB Camp staff member before a parent leaves their drop off location.  
  • Families will be asked if the camper(s) have had any of the following COVID-19 symptoms:  
  • New cough, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell. 
  • Next, Staff will check the temperature of the individual. No person with a temperature of 100.4° or higher may enter any Camp facility. 
  •  Staff will be using a contactless thermometer. 
  • If a camper has any of the symptoms related to COVID-19 or fails a temperature check, they will take a rapid antigen COVID-19 test. Any sibling(s) of the individual will need to take the rapid test as well.   

If a Camper exhibits symptoms or tests positive while at Camp: 

  • If a camper develops any of the COVID-19 symptoms, they will receive a rapid antigen covid-19 test.  
  • If a camper tests positive for COVID-19, they will be isolated immediately until a parent/guardian can pick them up. 
  • During any isolation period, campers will be cared for by designated staff and will continue to be supervised until they are picked up.  
  • Parents sending their campers to any camp session must be able to get to camp within 24 hours to pick up their child(ren).  

Testing at Camp  

  • All Campers are required to show proof of a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours before the first day of their Camp session. BB Camp will provide information about obtaining COVID test for your child(ren). 
  • BB Camp will be testing all campers and staff 2-5 days post their arrival at Camp to identify any cases that were not caught in the first round of pre-camp testing   
  • BB Camp will administer tests as needed if a camper develops symptoms related to COVID-19.  

Personal Hygiene at Camp  

  • All persons at Camp will be required to wash hands regularly (and for at least 20 seconds)  
  • Frequent handwashing will be consistently required and planned during the daily routine at Camp. Individuals on Camp will wash their hands before and after eating, using the restroom, or coming in contact with commonly used spaces or equipment.  
  • Floating Staff will need to wash their hands before and after interacting with a cohort. 
  • All handwashing stations will be kept stocked with appropriate materials.  
  • Each program space will have alcohol-based hand sanitizer available. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Campers 

  • When campers are within their stable cohorts, those with who they share cabins, they will not be required to wear masks, face coverings, or face shields 
  • When campers participate in activities with campers from other cohorts, they will be required to wear masks, face coverings, or face shields. 
  • If your Camper is unable to wear a face mask for whatever reason, please contact the BB Overnight Camp Director as soon as possible to discuss your options. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Staff 

  • When Staff are within their stable cohorts, those with who they share cabins, they will not be required to wear masks, face coverings, or face shields. 
  • Floating staff will wear masks, face coverings, or face shields when engaging with Campers outside of their stable cohort. 
  • Staff will wear gloves when handling all food or medical supplies.  

High-Risk Individuals 

  • High-Risk Individuals or campers/staff who live with high-risk individuals should consult their healthcare provider before deciding to come to Camp 

Communicable Disease Plan 

  • BB Camp has an extensive communicable disease plan that outlines the steps that must be taken if there is a case of COVID-19 or any other communicable disease at Camp. 

Heating, Ventilating, and Cooling  

  • BB Camp facilities include heating, ventilating, and cooling (HVAC) systems and other ventilation-related mechanical systems. BB Camp facilities staff will ensure the efficient functioning of these systems.  
  • When individuals on Camp are occupying spaces, Camp staff will create optimal ventilation, both through mechanical and natural systems.  


  • BB Camp will post applicable posters and signage from the health authorities to encourage behaviors surrounding handwashing, cough etiquette, physical distancing, and symptoms associated with COVID-19.   
  • BB Camp will create markings that are 6ft. apart in places where social distancing from other groups will be necessary.  
  • On the ground, markers will denote walking directions in locations where there should be only one direction of walking to allow distance between individuals.  


  • All camper groups will live in stable cohorts throughout their time at Camp, and cabins will only be accessible to campers within the group that lives within the cabin.  
  • Each camper cohort will use bathrooms within their designated cabin space. Common bathrooms may not be available for campers 
  • Cabins will have enough space so that campers have a designated area where their belongings can be separated from others in the cabin.  
  • Campers will either have a barrier between bunk beds or will sleep head to toe to maximize physical distance between heads/faces.  

Cleaning and Disinfection 

  • BB Camp will use CDC recommended cleaning and disinfectant products.  
  • Communal spaces and shared items will be cleaned once a day.  
  • Commonly touched surfaces will be cleaned multiple times a day (i.e., door handles, railings, tables, faucets, etc.) 
  • BB Camp will stagger mealtimes and create specific eating areas for cohorts within dining areas to maintain an appropriate distance from each other.  
  • BB Camps food service staff will serve individually plated meals using one-timeuse tableware.  
  • Staff members will be trained to disinfect all surfaces within the dining hall using the CDC standards for disinfection of surfaces.  

Campers from the Portland or Seattle Areas   

  • In accordance with OHA guidance, there will be one camper on each seat of the bus. Siblings will be asked to sit two to a seat.  
  • To limit the number of individuals at each bus location, families will sign up for a time slot on their transportation form submitted through their CampinTouch Account.  
  • At all drop-off/pick up locations, parents/guardians will stay in their vehicle throughout the duration of our pre-camp screening. 
  • A staff member will welcome the campers to Camp, conduct the pre-camp health screening process, including a lice check, and take the luggage from the vehicle.  
  • Once the pre-camp health screening and lice check are completed, campers will be guided to their seat on the bus.  

Drop off/Pick Up at Camp  

  • In order to limit the number of individuals entering Camp at once, families will sign up for a time slot on their transportation form submitted through their CampinTouch Account.   
  • At all drop-off locations, parents/guardians will stay in their vehicle throughout the duration of our pre-camp screening. A staff member will welcome the campers to Camp, conduct the pre-camp health screening process, including a lice check, and take the luggage from the vehicle.  
  • Once the pre-camp health screening and lice check are completed, campers will be guided to their seat on the bus. 

Campers Coming from the Portland International Airport (PDX) 

  • Campers flying into PDX will be met by an adult wearing a BB Camp staff t-shirt. Once they leave the gate, they will participate in the pre-camp health screening process before leaving for Camp. 
  • Arrivals: Flights should arrive at Portland International Airport (PDX) between 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM on the first day of your child’s session. 
  • Departures: Flights should depart from Portland International Airport (PDX) between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM on the last day of your child’s session. 

Cabin Cohorts and Pods 

  • Campers will be bunked in stable cohorts that will remain the same throughout the Camp session. These stable cohorts will share sleeping and bathroom spaces and will not be required to wear masks when together.  
  • Cabin groups will be part of a larger group called a pod. Pods will participate in activities that allow individuals to practice social distancing. There will be no physical intermingling between cohorts.  
  • For examFbusple: During camp activities such as archery, swimming, drama, etc. campers will participate with their stable cohort. For activities such as clubs, where campers get to choose a single activity to focus on, campers will be with others from their pod and the activities will be planned to accommodate social distancing and limiting shared supplies.  

PPE and Social Distancing  

  • Specialty staff members, when providing various activities, will be masked and distanced from the participating campers. 
  • Whenever possible, BB Camp activities will be conducted outdoors. Seating between campers from other pods will maintain 6ft. Distance apart.  

All-Camp Activities 

Activities that were previously considered all camp activities include Shabbat services, Israeli Dancing, Maccabbiah, Israel Day, etc.  These activities will be creatively modified so that campers can easily continue social distancing while experiencing the activities they love, with a spin.  


Camp Ruach (Spirit)! 

Ruach at BB Camp is one of the many magical parts of a Camp experience, and even when the Camp community is practicing social distancing, there will ALWAYS be spirit at Camp. The campers and staff will be creative, as always. Instead of everyone cheering in the middle of one big dining hall, the cheers will go from cabin porch to cabin porch. We will see who is the loudest!! Instead of putting arms around each other, we will send waves of ruach (spirit) from group to group. Each summer, BB Campers and Staff create brand new traditions that will continue to add to Camp’s ever-growing culture for the next 100 years.  

Jewish Programming 

All BB Camp programs are guided by at least one of our seven core Jewish values. These values are  Kehila (Community), Chaverut (Friendship), Simcha (Joy), Ometz Lev (Courage), Shalom (Peace), Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World) and Dor L’dor (Heritage). There is no amount of social distancing on Camp that could prevent these values from shining through the BB Camp program.  


Camp Day Trips 

  • Campers will go on a variety of outdoor Day Trips within their cabin cohorts and pods and will follow the transportation guidance provided by OHA 
  • BB Camp, unfortunately, will not provide Overnight Camping Trips this summer for our campers.  


  • Vaccinated Staff members will follow the current recommendations of the CDC for fully vaccinated individuals. 
  • Staff members who are vaccinated will follow all protocols in this document that are indicated for Campers.  
  • Staff members who are not vaccinated will stay within their own stable cohorts and will be masked and distanced from all individuals outside of their cohort. Staff who are not vaccinated will not be allowed off Camp property during time off.   



  • Staff will be trained on how to communicate to campers about COVID-19 and the Pandemic.  
  • Staff will be trained on how to identify symptoms associated with COVID-19 and what to do in the case that a camper is showing symptoms.  
  • Staff will be trained on how and when to use PPE correctly.