Every spring many BB families head to camp for a weekend to disconnect from daily life and routine and reconnect with their family and be in community with other families. This year we collected amazing quotes and pictures from our multigenerational family campers! Learn more about what makes this unique opportunity such a special weekend for families.

“Our family loves Family Camp for many reasons! It’s a great way for our family to decompress as we approach summer and enjoy a weekend without cooking, cleaning, and planning. We also feel like we get to catch up with our family and friends and every year we leave with new connections as well. I think it always helps with the transition for our children entering camp for the summer because they get the opportunity to meet the counselors, reconnect with old friends, and adjust to the facilities. When we first started attending Family Camp, our biggest surprise was how much time we get individually to unwind as well. It’s incredible having time to hang out and read a book uninterrupted while overlooking the lake because the kids are in periods where they are with their peers enjoying their own independence as well.”  

– Michelle Subotnick 

Family Camp was a great opportunity to share a multi-generational Jewish weekend with our young grandchildren and their parents.  Ruth (my wife) and I enjoyed being “grandparents” to other small kids at meals.  I especially appreciated the chance to participate in the adult discussions while kids were at activities.  Camp is a special place, and the opportunity for grandparents, parents, and youngsters to meet and interact with other Jewish families was a highlight.”

– Bob Tabak 

 “BB Camp is a magical place. In the eyes of our children, Zoey and Leo, the lakeside grounds are a place they can play and explore and be themselves. To see the smiles of pure joy on their faces when we first drove past the gate, when we got to explore our cabin, and when they realized that they were going to get to run free in the gym (without parents) was unforgettable.  

Family camp is the perfect time for kids to understand what makes camp so special and for parents to meet other families who love camp as much as they do. We can’t wait to go back next year. “ 

– Sandy Weintraub 

“As the parent of an only child in a Jewish family in small town Oregon, I really enjoy watching my child connecting with other Jewish kids. Family camp weekend at BB camp is a special opportunity for all of us to enjoy being together, connecting with other families, holding Shabbat together, and letting Shabbat hold us together in its sweetness. We look forward to next time!” 

– Nissa Rost-Rothman 

This was our fourth year at Family Camp. We love spending time as a family. It also helps us to see what our son experiences in the summer.”

Meredith Johnson 

“My family and I wanted to come to the family camp to see what BB camp was like before sending/going this coming summer. We went with a few friends that also wanted to check it out and we all had so much fun!! My kids loved playing sports, going ziplining and doing art. We all enjoyed the camp atmosphere and getting to know different people from around the community. My kids can’t wait to go back this summer and my husband and I can’t wait to come back next year for family camp.”

-The Manor Family