BB Camp’s Outdoor Jewish Adventure (OJA) in Israel Itinerary Summary

OJA in Israel is organized to follow a chronological timeline of the Jewish people in history. Beginning the trip in the Negev desert of Israel and ending in Tel Aviv with many stops along the way! The following is the projected 2021 itinerary summary and is subject to reasonable change based on availability and local considerations. 

Negev Desert Region 

While in the Southern parts of Israel, participants will begin exploring leadership styles through learning about Ben Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel. Teens will learn about life in the Bedouin community with an overnight stay in the village with a wonderful meal. They will visit a research station and learn about innovative techniques for agriculture and sustainability in the desert. During these days, they will visit Eilat, which is the northern tip of the Red Sea. While in Eilat, participants will explore the town, and have the opportunity to go snorkeling in the Red Sea! Some other highlights are visiting Yotava Dairy Farmriding camels, climbing Mt. Masada, seeing the Ramon Crater, sandboarding in the Negev, and exploring the Ein Gedi waterfalls.



Jerusalem, Old & New 

While in the city of Jerusalem, participants will explore the City of David, cool off in Hezekiah’s Tunnel, and have some free time to explore the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. Teens will experience firsthand the large variety of Israeli cuisine that comes from many years of immigration to the land. They will take a Geo-political tour of Jerusalem and learn about the specific architecture of the city. Some of the other places they will visit are Yad VaShem, Israel’s Holocaust Memorial, Mt. Herzl National Cemetery, and Jerusalem’s Independence Park. Participants will be taken on a guided tour of the Knesset and discuss Israeli’s Democratic structure and its political history. They will enjoy activities like a group night out at the Jerusalem First Station Market and going to Mahane Yehuda Market to get a taste of all the delicious treats! 




North to the Galilee 

During their time in the North, participants will swim in natural pools at the base of Mt. Gilboa and spend the afternoon at Aqua Kef – Israel’s floating water park on the Sea of Galilee. In Haifa they will understand co-existence & diversity in Israel starting with exploration of the Bahai Temple Gardens and visit the Ahmeddiya Mosque. Teens will be hosted overnight at a kibbutz and learn about the history of shared agricultural living. Other highlights include rafting down the Jordan River, a sunset cruise on the Mediterranean Searappelling down Keshet Arch, and more. Participants will get to learn about Kabbalistic art and culture as they explore the city of Tsfat; Israel’s holiest and most mystical city. The trip to Tsfat will look at the many distinct cultures that make up Israel and what each brings to its’ rich and diverse history. 




Tel Aviv & Modern Day  

On the final days of the trip, participants will visit Tel Aviv, the most diverse city in Israel. In Tel Aviv there will be activities such as a surfing class, the Jaffa Flea Market, free time at the Mediterranean Beach, and an Israeli Dance class. Tel Aviv has a groundbreaking LGBTQ+ culture that will be explored on the Rainbow Tel Aviv Tour. The teens will also take part in an Israeli Martial Arts workshop.





Back to BB Camp!  

The OJA in Israel trip will end by returning to our beloved BB Camp! At BB Camp, we will debriefreflect on our experiences, and share with our BB Camp community. We will explore how to bring the amazing experiences from the Israel experience back into our daily lives outside of Camp. And of course, we will celebrate a BB Camp shabbat and enjoy some of our favorite Camp activities!  
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