The following are all the elements to a typical day at Camp for Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, we have some of these elements and then begin a schedule of showers and preparation time for Shabbat. Our Saturday Shabbat schedule is full of joyous celebrations, services, and recreation time. Sundays are usually reserved for all-day programs such as Israel Day. 

Boker Tov (Good morning): A Typical Camp day starts around 7:45. Counselors wake up their campers, share the schedule of activities, and help prepare them to get ready for the day.  

Meals: Campers are served breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks each day at Camp. Meals are filled with tradition and spirit at Camp, and the time when campers fuel up to have energy for the day.  

Chuggim (Activities): Each cabin group participates in 3-4 chugim a day along with their cabin groups. Examples of chugim are archery, dance, inner tubing, rock climbing, arts & crafts, drama, and Jewish Enrichment.   

Cabin Clean up: It is important that the cabin group works together to keep their living space clean. For 45 minutes each day, campers have time to organize their belongings and contribute to the overall cleanliness of the cabin (ie. Cabin sweep, sinks & mirrors, trash, etc.) 

Clubs: Campers sign up from a variety of clubs that meet regularly throughout the session. Examples: tennis, theater, scouts, art, soccer, garden/cooking, aquatics 

Individuals: Campers choose from a variety of activities each day (i.e., dancing, ga-ga, basketball, friendship bracelets, etc.) 

Menucha (Rest): This time is dedicated for rest and relaxation. Campers can choose to do a quiet activity in their cabin. Some campers take this opportunity to take a nap, write a letter, read a book, etc.  

Cabin Activity: This is when counselors and campers develop their own activities based on what the cabin group wants to do or any extra activities the counselors have created for their cabin group.  

Evening Programs: Each night, campers look forward to special evening programs. Sometimes we do all Camp evening programs, such as a talent show or a camp-wide program hosted by teen leaders. Other evening programs are age-appropriate themes and activities for individual grade-levels. Some examples are, Build your own Camp, team-building field games, scavenger hunts, or silly camp activities such as kazoo competitions or karaoke night.  

Lila Tov (Goodnight): Campers end the day with an evening ritual and preparation for bedtime. Campers will typically have 15-20 minutes of “flashlight time,” during which they can read a book or do a quiet and individual wind-down activity before bed.   

BB Camp is a gateway into Jewish life; a catalyst to build long-term relationships and friendships; a place where campers can encounter Jewish ideas, principles, practices, and values; a place where campers encounter Israel and explore the ideal of Jewish peoplehood in their lives; and a special space for convening important Jewish conversations. 

We focus on 7 core middot (Jewish values) at BB Camp. You can view these values on the following page, and we have created an immersive curriculum to impart these values onto our entire camp community. While at camp, campers are immersed in a Jewish environment with peers. This is where we believe seeds are planted and roots strengthened for lifelong Jewish learning. The moment their camp experiences begin, campers and staff know that they are forever a part of something bigger. Under the direction of our Judaic Educator and with input from clergy throughout the region, we work all year to develop cutting-edge curricula, focused on active and engaging participation. We aim to provide everyone at camp with a true sense of connection to Judaism.  

At BB Camp we live Judaism, whether at the morning degel (flagpole gathering), meals, or infused in everyday activities. Our campers feel comfortable and love the ruach (spirit) that is evident throughout camp. As a community camp, serving children of all Judaic denominations and many children from inter-faith households, BB Camp creates an atmosphere where all campers and staff are comfortable to explore their Judaism. 

Every Shabbat, our majestic lakeside setting provides the ideal backdrop for spiritual exploration unique to the BB Camp experience.  Shabbat is welcomed on Friday afternoon with a Shabbat walk, followed by a service in our outdoor amphitheater. Our Shabbat celebration continues with a special Shabbat dinner, complete with challah and matzo ball soup. After dinner, we have our special Shabbat song session and Israeli Dancing. We also offer a tish (Shabbat singing) for those that prefer a quieter environment. Our Saturday morning, Shabbat services allow for choice; campers may participate in either a traditional or an alternative Shabbat service. Shabbat afternoon is a particularly peaceful time at Camp where campers have the opportunity to select all of their own activities. Many campers spend some of this time reading a good book or relaxing in the pool. Shabbat is then concluded on Saturday night with a beautiful camp-wide Havdalah service under the stars. 

Our Judaic program also includes Israel Day, Maccabiah Games, and Tisha B’Av observance, as well as Bar and Bat Mitzvah tutoring upon request. These programs, as well as the ongoing Jewish spirit that pervades camp in program areas, such as arts and crafts and drama, allow our campers to explore and develop their Jewish identity. 

Talking to your Camper about Wellness  

One of the many skills campers walk away from Camp with, is how to advocate for their needs. It is important that parents talk to their camper about what to do if they are not feeling well or experiencing any unusual medical symptoms. Counselors will be checking in with campers throughout their time at Camp, however, the counselors may not always be able to tell if a Camper is not feeling well, or has continued not feeling well after an initial visit to the Wellness Center. Campers are never left alone while they are at Camp, so if a Camper is not feeling well, but is not ill enough to stay in the Wellness Center, they will continue to be with their group, but will always have the option to opt out of participating, if they are not feeling up to it. Overall, it is important that the Camper continues to communicate what they are feeling with an adult at Camp.  

Communication about Wellness   

Most medical interventions that occur at Camp are considered minor and do not result in a phone call home. Examples of this are small cuts/bruises, mild cold symptoms, short-lived stomach aches, etc. Parents will be notified if a Camper has a medical condition that requires them to stay overnight in the wellness center or if they need to be sent to the local Urgent Care Facility or Emergency Room.  

Arrival Health Screening and Head Lice 

We aim to start each Camp session with Campers feeling health and ready for the Camp experience. When Campers arrive, our staff will ask questions about the campers current physical wellness. We ask that parents monitor their child’s health leading up to Camp and do not send them to Camp if they are experiencing unusual symptoms.  

All campers must be screened for contagious conditions, including head lice, at the start of their session. The screening will be conducted by Camp staff specifically trained to visually check for head lice, pink eye, and other conditions. Campers who are taking the bus to Camp will be screened prior to boarding the bus. Campers who are flying into PDX or getting dropped off at Camp will be screened upon their arrival at Camp.  



Starting summer 2022, BB Camp will require that all Overnight Campers’ daily medication arrive in a pre-packaged form from a pharmacy.  While many pharmacies offer this service, we recommend PillPack by Amazon.  We will send out more information and detailed instructions on registering for PillPack in the coming weeks.  Excellence in health services is always a top priority of BB Camp.  Pre-packaged medications allow us to expand our wellness services.  

The staff at the Camp Wellness Center will be responsible for storing and administering all medications. No one is allowed to keep any medication in their possession (with the exception of asthmatic inhalers and EPI pens). Campers may keep inhalers with them in their cabins as long as an extra, spare inhaler is kept in the Wellness Center.   

Please do not place your children on “medication vacations”.  For a successful experience, youth need to be able to concentrate and focus while at Camp. 

Illnesses and Emergencies 

The Camp Wellness Center is staffed 24 hours a day. There is a physician at Camp or on-call during the entire summer. If you have any specific medical concerns, please contact Camp so we can properly address communicate your concern with our medical staff. 

Treatment at the Wellness Center is consistent with the American Camp Association Standards and Standing Orders (approved treatment for ailments, injuries, and illnesses) and is reviewed and approved annually by a physician. This results in quality and consistency in medical care. 

Campers who are running a fever or show symptoms of a communicable disease will be confined to the Wellness Center. Medical situations, which cannot be handled by the Camp Wellness Center, will be referred to Samaritan Coastal Clinic or the Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital. Both of these facilities are located 2 miles from Camp. The Camp Physician will make the decision regarding appropriate health care for the camper. Parents will be notified as soon as possible in cases of emergency or serious illness. In cases of serious illness, the Camp Director has the right to send a child home for the duration of the session. 

Parents of campers referred to the Clinic or the Hospital for non-emergency or emergency treatment will be notified and kept updated on results and progress.  Other reasons a parent might be notified include a prolonged fever, any ailment that requires an overnight stay in the Wellness Center, or if your child is prescribed medication (such as an antibiotic) by the camp physician. Parents will not normally be called in the case of upset stomachs, colds, sore throats, headaches, scrapes, or bruises, etc. 

Insurance/Dental & Optical Concerns 


B’nai B’rith Camp does not provide accident or health insurance for campers. For accident, injury, or illness that involves health care outside of Camp, charges and fees will be billed through B’nai B’rith Camp to the camper’s parents. If your insurance requires the use of designated facilities, you must make the appropriate arrangements with the hospital and your insurance carrier prior to your child’s arrival at Camp.  


Scheduling a dental examination (as well as an orthodontic examination if applicable) for your child is advised prior to their first day of camp. If your child uses orthodontic appliances, rubber bands, fixtures, and/or protective wax, make sure to send an adequate supply to camp. Campers are permitted to keep these items in their bunk. If your child wears eyeglasses, sending an extra pair is always a good idea. Similarly, if your child wears contact lenses, please send extra pairs, as well as a backup pair of eyeglasses. 

Nutrition at Camp 

At BB Camp, we aim to make every meal nutritious and enjoyable for our campers.  To ensure options for everyone, we serve kid friendly food, and there is always a salad and PB&J option for anyone who would prefer that over the other food being served.  We serve three meals and one snack every day.  Some of our camp favorites are pizza bagels, cheesy eggs, challah, and matzo ball soup!  All the food at camp is Kosher, and we are able to accommodate for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and lactose intolerant diets.  If there are more specific dietary requirements, please contact us before the camp season so that we can make arrangements and ensure we will be able to accommodate all campers’ needs. 

Heat and Sun Protection 

Your child will spend a great deal of their camp time outdoors. The following list includes basic items that can be used to protect them from the sun and high summer temperatures: 

  • A reusable water bottle is a must, as campers will be using them daily 
  • A hat, preferably with a wide brim 
  • Sunscreen, preferably waterproof, hypo-allergenic, and with a high sun protection factor (SPF) 
  • Sunglasses 

Camp is a communal living experience. The success of this community depends on the cooperation and involvement of all participants. Every effort is made to establish a positive atmosphere and to inspire constructive behavior among both campers and staff. We encourage our campers and staff to respect themselves and others, our Camp and equipment, and our earth and environment. BB Camp staff are trained in a variety of strategies to support campers when they are exhibiting challenging behaviors at Camp. Please make sure to give as much information as possible in the health history form about your child’s behaviors and include any strategies that could support them in having a successful summer. BB Camp is committed to providing a safe camp environment in which relationships are characterized by dignity, respect, and equitable treatment. 

The BB Camp Board of Directors has established codes of conduct and behavior self-management based on those found in public schools.  Infraction of any of the following policies or practices may be cause for immediate expulsion of the camper from Camp with no refund of Camp fees. 

  • Campers must stay with their assigned group with appropriate supervision.   
  • Campers may not leave Camp, except under the appropriate supervision of Camp staff during scheduled programs.  
  • Campers must attend all scheduled activities, meals and programs unless excused by the Camp Directors or medical staff, and then only if appropriately supervised.  
  • Campers must abide by curfew hours for their units.  
  • Campers must not bully, threaten, or cause any physical harm to other campers or staff. This behavior will not be tolerated. 

Behavior Contracts: 
B’nai B’rith Camp is dedicated to creating a positive summer experience for every camper. If a camper’s behavior is taking away from their camp experience, or that of other campers, a discussion in regards to that behavior will occur between the camper and the counselor. The behavior and discussion will be documented and the parent(s) will be informed of the behavior and will be asked for possible strategies to help their child. If the behavior persists, the Unit Head, with assistance from their supervisor, will write up a behavior contract that all parties must sign.  Parent(s) will be called when a child is placed on a behavior contract.  If the child violates the behavior contract, the Camp Directors reserve the right to expel the camper. 

Personal Sports Equipment:  
Campers may bring personal sports equipment to Camp. Any personal equipment is to be used only in the manner for which it was intended. Any other use may cause the equipment to be confiscated and returned only upon completion of the Camp Session. Personal sports equipment should be labeled with the owners full name. Camper and camper’s family acknowledge the risk of damage and/or loss of the equipment while at Camp and will not hold BB Camp responsible for any such damage or loss of Personal Sports Equipment. 

BB Camp will not condone or tolerate any display or demonstration of sexual advances, sexual activity, or romantic touch between campers or between campers and staff. Campers are only allowed in the living facilities of their own gender. This includes porches of cabins, bathrooms, or showers. All campers are required to sleep in their assigned areas. 

To demonstrate respect for others and ourselves, only appropriate language is acceptable.  

Graffiti and Vandalism:  
Parents of campers involved in any vandalism or graffiti at Camp or during any Camp activities will be required to pay for any materials, parts, or labor necessary to repair or replace damaged property.  Campers involved in such behavior may be required to participate in the repair of the damage. 

Health Hazards and Fire Risks: 
BB Camp is a smoke-free environment. Campers may not possess or use any kind of matches, lighters or open flame for any purpose at Camp or on any Camp activity except as supplied and supervised by BB Camp staff.  

Weapons are not permitted at Camp or during off-site programs.  In addition to those listed in the contraband list, a weapon includes any items, body parts, or words used in an inappropriate way, which may pose threat, intimidation, or harm to others.  Pocketknives and other tools supplied by BB Camp are only to be used under direct staff supervision during specified programs.  

Cabin Policies:  </strong
Additional rules and guidelines of camp conduct will be developed within cabin groups as appropriate for the age group. These will be determined and agreed upon by the campers, with the help of cabin counselors. 

Drugs and Alcohol:  
BB Camp is a smoke, alcohol, and drug free environment. Using or bringing any of these substances is not permitted and will result in the automatic expulsion of a Camper from Camp.  

Expulsion from Camp: 
The Camp Directors reserve the right to expel any camper for infractions of camp rules, inappropriate behavior or language, or verbal or physical abuse of campers or staff.  In such a case, it is the responsibility of the parents or designated emergency contacts to arrange for the child to vacate Camp within 24 hours of notification.  There will be no refund of any Camp fee when a camper is expelled under such conditions.  

BB Camp is proud to be a boundless Kehila (community) of different ages, denominations, backgrounds, languages, and abilities, and races and ethnicities. We know that each child has different needs, and whenever possible work closely with caregivers and professionals to develop specialized plans to enable a successful summer for all campers.  Success can mean something different for every camper, and we aim to support every child in the way that they need.  One way we measure success is through the individual support each camper receives from our staff.  Some of the accommodations we have available are sensory rooms, extra time away from the group, and visual schedules.  We encourage caregivers to reach out to our camp staff prior to the camp season if there are supports that can be put in place to help their camper find more success at camp.  When you’re part of a community like this — one that accepts and encourages everyone’s strengths — it’s life changing. Campers and staff learn about themselves, relate to others, form positive relationships, and of course, have a lot of fun along the way. 


Campers are assigned to cabins based on gender and grade level in school for Fall 2021.  Between 10 and 20 campers are generally assigned to each cabin. A cabin may include campers from different backgrounds, religions, abilities, etc. We have found this diversity to enrich campers’ overall experience. Living together with a diverse group provides important opportunities for campers to grow, lead, and build understanding. Additionally, some cabins might have a mixed group, for example, 4th and 5th graders may be together. Sometimes more than one cabin will have the same age group, such as two 6th grade girls’ cabins. Each cabin will have at least two staff that lives with the campers. Cabins have one large room; they do not have divided areas for sleeping. They do have toilet and sink facilities, and a shower house is located a short distance away. Cabins have many windows, which can be opened, and electric heat for warmth in cooler weather. 

During the online registration process, there was an opportunity to request cabin mates.  If you missed this, you may add requests by completing the bunk request form in your CampInTouch account before June 1. We will do our best to honor cabin mate requests submitted before May 15. The best camp experience is a mix of new and returning campers in each bunk, so our emphasis is to balance returning campers and past friendships with new campers and new friendships. We put a great deal of thought and effort into the bunk assignments.  

Campers must name each other on their respective forms and be within one grade level in the same unit.  A camper going into 5th grade and a camper going into 7th grade will not be in the same cabin. This is partly due to the differences in program content. But it is also out of respect for all in the cabin group. One camper who is older or younger can negatively affect their experience at camp.  

You may deposit money into your camper’s account through CampInTouch or at any of our bus pickup locations. When visiting the Camp Store, campers can enjoy a tasty treat, or to take home a BB Camp souvenir. All money raised from the Camp Store goes to help fund camper financial aid.  

The recommended amount of money for a camper to deposit in their account is $25 to $50 per week of attendance.  We put all camper money in a bank account so that campers do not need to handle money. Please do not pack money in your child’s luggage. BB Camp is not responsible for money that is lost or stolen. 

Campers do not need spending money for any off site trips. The exception is for the Teen Village (9th grade) and Leadership in Training (10th grade) overnight trips. Teen Village and Leadership in Training campers’ spending money will be placed in the bank, and then will be given to the participants on the trip. We cannot stress enough that campers should never keep money in their personal possession while at camp.  

We share the concerns of many families, schools, and camps regarding the dangers associated with young people’s use of social networking websites. As you may know, the risks range from online sexual solicitation to cyberbullying to the damaging of one’s own reputation, school or camp admission status, or job prospects by posting inappropriate information on personal pages. 

In general, B’nai B’rith Camp views social etworking sites (e.g. Facebook), personal websites, and blogs positively and respects the right of campers to use them as a medium of self-expression. If a camper chooses to identify himself or herself as a camper at our Camp on such internet venues, some may view the camper as a representative or spokesperson of B’nai B’rith Camp. In light of this possibility, B’nai B’rith Camp requires, as a condition of participation in Camp, that campers observe the following guidelines when referring to B’nai B’rith Camp, its programs or activities, its campers and /or employees, on social media, in a blog, or on a website. 

  1. Campers must be respectful in all communications related to or referencing B’nai B’rith Camp, its employees, and other campers. 
  2. Campers must not use obscenities, profanity, or vulgar language. 
  3. Campers must not use social media, blogs, or personal websites to disparage B’nai B’rith Camp, other campers, or employees of B’nai B’rith Camp. 
  4. Campers must not use social media, blogs, or personal websites to harass, bully, or intimidate other campers or employees of B’nai B’rith Camp.  Behaviors that constitute harassment and bullying include, but are not limited to comments that are derogatory with respect to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, color, or disability; sexually suggestive, humiliating, or demeaning comments; and threats to stalk, haze, or physically injure another person. 
  5. Campers must not use social media, blogs, or personal websites to discuss or engage in conduct that is prohibited by Camp policies, including, but not limited to, the use of alcohol and drugs, sexual behavior, sexual harassment, and bullying. 

Any camper found to be in violation of any portion of this Internet Policy will be subject to immediate disciplinary action, including dismissal or not being welcomed back to Camp the following summer. 

We remain committed to the health and safety of all members of our community. We hope you will discuss this policy with your camper and encourage him or her to share any inappropriate postings by or about members of our Camp community. Please know that we appreciate your support and welcome your comments. 

Since safety is our top priority, emergency preparedness is always an area of intensive focus. We continue to work closely with national agencies and local first responders to develop specific policies and procedures in case of a variety of emergency situations. We train our staff in emergency procedures, as well as practice throughout the summer.  

In the event an emergency occurs, we will use an automated text/call system to communicate with families. The system allows us to quickly relay information to Camp families via text message and recorded calls. We will also occasionally be using this system in non-emergency situations, such as alerting families that their child’s bus has safely arrived at Camp. The system will be pre-populated with all parents’ cell phone numbers that are in their camper records. Phone numbers can be updated on the CampInTouch dashboard.  

In case of a family emergency that occurs at home and you need to get in touch with your child at Camp, please call our office (541-994-2218). If you are calling us regarding an emergency after hours, please call our emergency number at 872-222-6788. 

B’nai B’rith Camp staff is comprised of approximately 100 young adults and professionals from all over the world. While most of our staff identify as Jewish, we are welcoming of staff from a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds. We partner with the Jewish Agency for Israel Summer Shlichim program, as well as hire staff from across the globe through a variety of reputable international staffing agencies. Many of our staff grew up attending BB Camp and/or other camps. We screen staff carefully for their maturity, good judgment, kindness, respect, and commitment to Jewish education. Our staff is primarily comprised of college/graduate students, along with professionals and parents. All staff are CPR and first aid certified. For 8 to 11 days prior to campers’ arrival, there is an intensive staff training period where camp leaders and experts from the community cover a variety of relevant topics, such as homesickness, bullying, child development, child abuse, ADD/ADHD, and our emergency evacuation procedures. We also have a full-time Inclusion Coordinator, who trains and supports our team in meeting the needs of each camper. 

Throughout the summer, staff members are supervised very closely by the BB Camp Leadership Team. During regular staff meetings, we address staff members’ concerns and help them with difficult issues. We maintain an open and caring environment where campers are encouraged to communicate openly with their counselors and with the leadership staff. Please help us by encouraging your camper to be open and communicative with the staff. 

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