Project Description

Linda Nemer Singer

Camper for three years from age 9, CIT for 4 years, and current ReJewver.

A day at Camp:
In the morning, you would get up and everybody would go to the ball field. You would litter patrol, walk from the top of the ball field all the way down to the lake looking for garbage. It was really important that you clean up after yourself and other people and don’t litter! After that you would go into your cabin, make your bed, cleanup, then gather in front of the mess hall around the flagpole, announcements, then go in for breakfast. After eating, you would go back to your cabin to clean. There was an inspection, the points awarded for each job and best clean cabins for different categories, would be posted on a board. Being selected to make the inspections was the coolest job. Whoever won the cleanest cabin were announced at either lunch or dinner and they got an extra treat. 
Another highlight of BB Camp was canteen. Every day you got to order a candy bar or something you wanted to eat. You could go to the canteen window and see all your choices and your counselor would fill out the form.  The counselor would then give that candy order to a canteen runner who would be responsible to get the order to the campers in their cabin. 
Another fun fact, when it was time for your cabin to have KP duty, Kitchen Patrol, you would go early to the mess hall, eat your food then be the runners for all the tables. You would have a table assigned to you that day and you would bring all the food from the kitchen to the table and it was family style. If someone needed something else you would go back and get it.
Camp taught you work ethic. Everybody works and you could never say it was not fair because it was equal. Every cabin had kitchen duty, everyone had to patrol the grounds, and everyone had cabin inspections.

How has BB Camp impacted your life?
I think the biggest impacts are making lifelong friends and that feeling of a home away from home. When you think of your childhood you have fond memories of going to the beach and going to BB Camp. It has taught me how important it is to be part of an organization, whether it’s BB Camp, Portland Jewish Academy, MJCC, Sharrie Torah, Jewish Family and Child Services, March for Dimes, etc.  It taught me that, being apart of an organization, you give and get so much in return. 

Why support BB Camp?
I support camp because it has made such a major impact on my entire life. My father, Harry Nemer, attended camp the very first year in 1921. As a child I remember watching him go to Men’s camp every year. From this time to me going, then becoming a counselor, then seeing my children, grandchildren, and many great nieces and nephews go, BB Camp is just a part of my family. To have that opportunity of a sleepaway camp, where kids can have all those experiences that camp offers, from making friends, practicing leadership skills, the abundance of art and music, connecting to your Jewish roots, it is fantastic! Others should support camp because, in all reality, there are so many families that cannot afford to give their children the wonderful experiences that me and my kids had.  The donations to BB Camp allow others to go to camp. It is the best thing you can do for a child.