Project Description

Sue Friedman

BB Camper in the early 40’s, a counselor, and program director( 1953 to 1955)

Best BB Camp memory:
One year when I was Program Director, the campers and counselors surprised me with doing a takeoff of a TV show called “This Is Your Life”.  Without telling me, they brought people down to camp that new me and did this whole spoof thing.  It was really something.

Why is camp so important?
It has been shown that children who go to camp, have a better understanding of Judaism.  More so today, because years ago it was not so involved or structured. The values were there, but it was a different time. It has evolved into a well-rounded program. Children of my father’s generation or grandchildren are still going to camp.

Generation to Generation?
Sue’s father, Milt Margulies, was President of the Men’s Camp board for 30 years from the ’40s through the ’70s. He guided the growth of camp, overseeing the addition of the north cabins, the swimming pool, and the Tatooers cabin. Sue’s son, Steve “Sudsy” Friedman was a camper and dishwasher at camp in the ’70s and ’80s, and is now an active Men’s Camper. Sue’s grandchildren are current and former campers, and she now has a great-child who will soon be a camper.