Impact on BB Campers and Community

More children will be able to access the camp, leading to more memories, more positive impact on character, and a stronger future Pacific Northwest Jewish community.
The camp will have more all-weather options and will be comfortably usable year-round for other Jewish and youth organizations.
The camp will have stronger visual appeal with attractive structures, consistent architecture and better sight lines to the lake.
Increased camp rental revenue from off-season rentals will strengthen the BB Camp organization in its capacity to serve the community.
The new structures will last longer, creating a more secure future for BB Camp.
Campers will know they are in a place that looks great and well supported after a full century, inspiring confidence in community and dedication
to a Jewish future.

Replaces and modernizes 85-year-old facility.
Expands capacity to 315.

Creates a central all-weather program space for BB Camp with capacity up to 250 campers and staff. Includes arts and crafts studios, home for our day camp focused on local low-income children, and large program room with sound proof dividers. The Mercaz also increases potential to use BB Camp in the off-season

Provides a full-size indoor basketball court that can be adapted for other sports and events. Flexible space includes a stage and bleachers which can sit up to 400 people. Replaces and moves the current outdated and retrofitted facility.

Expands and modernizes BB Camp accommodations. The new structures will be more comfortable in all-weather, and expand camp capacity. Each structure will be built to last for 50+ years, with excellent insulation and attractive design. Eight structures will serve as double-cabins, with an upper and lower floor, reducing the footprint and leaving more open space for camp activities. All cabins will have at least one level ADA accessible; currently only one cabin provides the access.

Upgrades a main gathering space on camp, including lighting and sound, creating an iconic structure for gatherings.

Improves docks and supporting structures to optimize use of the lake for boating and other water fun.

Improves use of lake front area for programming, with indoor/outdoor multi-purpose space. Trails improved and extended for aesthetics and program flow.

Upgrades and improves accessibility so that campers with disabilities can enjoy swimming and other pool activities.

Resurfaced and generally upgrades a major outdoor activity area supporting basketball, field hockey and pickle ball as well as tennis.

Creates a new purpose-designed facility addressing health of campers including an office and exam rooms for our volunteer doctors who are on camp throughout the summer; includes private accommodations for year-round staff and leaders of rental groups.

Adds activities that have emerged as highly appealing to current-day campers and likely to continue in popularity for many years to come.

Overall Impact of Second Century Campaign on Campus

The Second Century Capital Campaign enhances the camp experience for campers, volunteers, families and staff. As we embark on BB Camp’s second century, the new campus prepares us to:

  • Serve more children and expand inclusion programs for children with physical and/or developmental disabilities
  • Enhance comfort and maximize opportunities for fun and community throughout camp
  • Provide better environments to help every camper thrive and inspire lifelong engagement in the Jewish community
  • Improve the camp experience during all-weather situations
  • Better utilize our beautiful lakefront location
  • Operate from better quality, longer lasting buildings with lower maintenance costs

Learn more about the rebuilding of our campus and how you can support the Second Century Campaign:


For more information contact:

Aaron Pearlman Capital Campaign Director 503.345.9476 /

Michelle Koplan Executive Director 503.452.3444 /

Irv Potter Campaign Chair 503.228.1455 /