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Daily Activities

  • Tap into your creative side with arts and crafts, singing, drama, and dancing
  • Explore the beauty of nature on a hike or park scavenger hunt
  • Get active with games and sports like gaga, capture the flag, soccer, basketball, and more
  • Hit the road on exciting field trips like roller skating, broomball, mini-golf, rock climbing, and special trips to BB Camp on the Coast
  • Experience weekly themes with dress-up days and special themed guests and activities
  • Learn about Israeli culture and history through arts and crafts, songs and dance.
  • Come together to celebrate Shabbat and learn about our weekly Jewish theme through weekly activities and special programs
  • Enjoy a balanced schedule of creative, active, and community building activities, electives, and trips

Jewish Enrichment

Judaism is an important part of BB Day Camp Portland and is imbued in all aspects of our programming. Every week, we will explore a different Jewish value which will be incorporated into everyday activities. Also, every Friday afternoon, CBI clergy will join all campers, staff, and parents to welcome in Shabbat. Jewish Enrichment offers campers the opportunity to learn about Israel, Jewish values, and culture in an enjoyable way.

Weekly Jewish Values
Week 1: Kehillah: Building a New Community
Week 2: Dor L’dor: Heritage
Week 3: Shalom: Peace
Week 4: Ometz Lev: Courage
Week 5: Tikkun Olam: Repairing the World
Week 6: Manhigut: Leadership
Week 7: Simcha: Joy
Week 8: Chaverut: Friendship

Field Trips
Every week offers a new trip to explore nature and adventure. All trips are age-appropriate, well-supervised, and packed with fun. Grade 1-2 campers will go on one field trip a week and campers in grades 3-5 will go on two field trips a week.

We take extra precaution on field trips and ensure safety. Staff are trained and prepared for off-campus events including best practices for tracking campers, crowd control, and emergency procedures. Every field trip has a camp director or supervisor and is in constant contact with staff. First aid, water, and snacks are brought on the bus. Campers are briefed on behavior expectations before every field trip.

Mixed Media Arts and Crafts
Campers will explore many ways to create art and express themselves through different mediums. Some of the activities offered include: candle-making, tie-dye, painting, and ceramics. Also, campers are given the opportunity to design and paint group murals throughout camp. Campers in grades 3-5 will have the opportunity to choose more time in art for special projects each week during their chugim (activity choices).

Campers can participate in many types of sports and camp games such martial arts, soccer, basketball, handball, soccer , ultimate frisbee, capture the flag, and gaga! BB Camp has access to indoor and outdoor play areas. Athletics are lead and supervised by our Athletics specialist who brings new and exciting games and sports to camp every week.

Creative Arts
Music (both singing and instruments), dance, and theater arts are always a fun part of BB Day Camp. Every morning starts with a song session.  Each camper will have opportunities to express themselves creatively and positively and older campers will be able to choose a medium to explore deeper in their weekly chugim (activity choices).

Israeli Culture
Every year Israeli staff join us to share their experiences and wisdom with BB Day Campers. Israel Day happens once a summer where campers experience Israeli culture, music, and history through arts and crafts, songs, food, and dances.


June 2018

  • BB Day Camp Week 1: Welcome to BB Day Camp | Kehilah: Building a new community
  • BB Day Camp Week 1: Welcome to BB Day Camp | Kehilah: Building a new community
  • BB Day Camp: Reptile Show @ Camp
  • BB Day Camp: Grades 3-5 Teva Trips Animal Refuge
  • BB Day Camp Week 1: Welcome to BB Day Camp | Kehilah: Building a new community
  • BB Day Camp: Bouncy Fun and Tie Dye
  • BB Day Camp Week 1: Welcome to BB Day Camp | Kehilah: Building a new community
  • BB Day Camp: Grades 1&2 Field Trip: Zoo & Washington Park
  • BB Day Camp: Grades 3-5 Field Trip: Oaks Park
  • Kindergarten Thursday Theme Day: Kinder Safari
  • BB Day Camp Week 1: Welcome to BB Day Camp | Kehilah: Building a new community
  • Tie Dye Shabbat
  • BB Day Camp: Shabbat

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