Check out this video from when a news crew came down to Men’s Camp in the 1970s

BBMCA: The mission of the B’nai Brith Mens Camp Association is to support the resident camping program of B’nai B’rith Camp through scholarships, provision of equipment and supplies, maintenance and improvement of the camp’s facilities, and subvention of the camp’s operating budget.

B’nai Brith Mens Camp Association is also committed to the development and enhancement of a community of men dedicated to good fellowship, community, and to the Association’s goal of insuring that B’nai B’rith Camp provides the finest Jewish camping experience possible for kids of all religious, ethnic, cultural, and financial backgrounds.

For over 90 years, B’nai Brith Mens Camp Association (BBMCA) has supported B’nai B’rith Camp on Devils Lake near the coast at Lincoln City, Oregon. In October 2009, BBMCA purchased B’nai B’rith Camp from the Mittleman Jewish Community Center (tax id: 93-0386850) and created a subsidiary entity, B’nai B’rith Camp LLC, to operate Camp through its own board of directors. BB Camp is accredited by the American Camping Association (ACA), licensed by the State of Oregon, and a member of the Jewish Community Center Association, the national organization of Jewish community centers and community camps.

BBMCA provides the capital support necessary to insure that BB Camp’s facilities are first rate and that BB Camp provides a quality camping experience for children of all backgrounds, always without regard to religious affiliation. BBMCA, its friends and supporters, make it possible for BB Camp to maintain the cost of Camp at levels most families can afford. However, Camp is expensive and BBMCA is committed to the proposition that no child should be denied the opportunity to attend Camp because of the family’s inability to pay. BBMCA provides scholarship funds and first year camper incentives to back up that commitment.

Since 1931, the members of BBMCA have gathered each year at BB Camp for their own week long encampment. Many of BBMCA’s adult campers started at BB Camp as kids, continuing their connection to BB Camp throughout their lives. Men from 25 to 91 return each year to BB Camp, staying in the same cabins and using the same facilities as the kids. Since the BBMCA adult campers actually use the camp, they are keenly aware of Camp’s needs. This is part of the reason they give so generously to support Camp. Men’s Camp is a unique institution, providing a cross generational connection among the men and between the men and the children who attend BB Camp. The members of BBMCA understand that the bonds formed at Camp last a lifetime. This is evidenced not only by the existence and continuation of the Men’s Camp as an institution, but by the number of adults who first became attached to BB Camp as kids and refuse to let the connection end. Through the generosity of the members of BBMCA and the many friends and alumni of the camp, B’nai B’rith Camp will continue to be one of the finest and most affordable camps in North America.

B’nai Brith Mens Camp Association is an Oregon non-profit corporation recognized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a publicly supported organization. Grantors and contributors to BBMCA or its wholly owned subsidiary B’nai B’rith Camp LLC, may rely upon this determination by the IRS in claiming contributions to BBMCA as charitable deductions.

For more information or to reach us via mail, please write:

B’nai B’rith Men’s Camp

6443 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy Suite 234

Portland, OR 97221