Sadly, BB Overnight Camp is canceled for our 2020 summer sessions. Read our announcement here


BB Summer Days!

Introducing our BB Summer Days! With the health and safety of our campers and community always our highest priority, our [...]

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Make it Fun

Joy, Simcha

Be Welcoming, Inclusive, and Accessible | Build and Strengthen Community by Fostering Lifelong Engagement

Community, Kehila

Explore Diverse Jewish Ideas, Practices, and Values | Deepen Understanding of and Connection to Israel and All of Jewish Peoplehood

Heritage, Dor L’Dor

Inspire Self-Discovery

Courage, Ometz Lev

Cultivate Respect and Appreciation for the World and Our Responsibility to Care for It

Repairing the World, Tikkun Olam

Provide a Sacred, Safe Space

Peace, Shalom