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Why work at Camp?

Think back to the individuals who have touched your life. It’s a good bet many of them were past teachers, coaches and mentors. Have you ever asked yourself why these few people played such an important part in your life? We’re confident it’s because they took an interest in you, guided you, and challenged you to be the best you could be. As a staff member at B’nai B’rith Camp, you will have the same opportunity to positively impact the lives of our campers!

Any good camp director will tell you the key to a successful summer is the quality of the staff. Each year, we look for competent, sensitive, and enthusiastic individuals who are dedicated to working with children to fill this role. Implementing dynamic programs at our camps is only meaningful if our staff supports the mission of providing a safe and caring environment for our campers.

All applicants who apply prior to January 1st will be interviewed and notified of the their summer employment by January 18th. Following this deadline, we will be hiring for summer on a rolling basis; those who apply earlier will have access to more positions.

Summer Employment Opportunities

There are approximately 150 staff on the B.B. Camp team in Lincoln City and Portland this summer. You can apply for positions in both locations here.

Staff at our Overnight Camp have the opportunity to work with over 600 campers a summer and receive a stipend, in addition to room & board. Staff receive at least 1-2 hours off each day, plus some days and nights off. Cabins sleep up to 20 people, are heated, and include electricity and bathroom facilities. Shower houses are a short distance from the living areas. Most staff live in camper cabins; senior leadership staff will live in separate housing. There is a staff lounge on the premises and Wi-Fi throughout much of Camp.

Portland Day Camp positions typically work Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm, depending on the position. Although Day Camp in Portland doesn’t provide housing, transportation with campers can be provided.

To apply for a position at B.B. Camp, please first fill out the online staff application by clicking “APPLY NOW” .

If you have any questions about working at Overnight Camp or Lincoln City Day Camp, please contact Ben Charlton at bcharlton@bbcamp.org or (503) 452-3443.

For more information about Portland Day Camp employment and volunteer positions, please contact Liz Broberg at lbroberg@bbcamp.org or (503) 496-7447.

We look forward to spending an amazing summer with you!

Overnight Camp and BB Day Camp Lincoln City

Unit Heads: Oversee a camp unit consisting of up to 100 campers, 20 counselors, and 2 section leaders. Unit Heads are responsible for the well-being of all the campers and staff in their unit, parent communication, trips, and logistics. Minimum age is 21.

Section Leaders: Lead a section consisting of up to 50 campers and 10 staff. Section Leaders are supervised by Unit Heads and are responsible for the well-being of all the campers and staff in their section, cabin programming, and facilitating healthy relationships among campers and staff. Minimum age is 20.

Inclusion Counselor: Works with our Inclusion Coordinator to best support our campers with a variety of needs and disabilities. The Inclusion Counselor acts as a resource on the ground, working directly with individual campers and their respective cabin groups, to facilitate our fully inclusive camp model.

Counselor: Primarily responsible for the care and well-being of campers. Counselors live in cabins with campers; act as role models, and support program specialists throughout daily programs.

Day Camp Director: Responsible for training and supervision of Day Camp Program staff. Also coordinates Day Camp programming, scheduling, and trips. Oversees camper care for all Day Campers.

Day Camp Counselor: During the day, these counselors are primarily responsible for the care and well-being of the campers in our day camp program. Day Camp counselors live in cabins with overnight campers, and during the evenings the focus switches to overnight campers.

Program Director: Responsible for supervision of program specialists, scheduling, evening programs, all-camp programs, inventory, and ordering of supplies.

Program Coordinator: Assists program director, as needed: evening programs, all-camp programs, skill builders, and individuals.

Program Area Directors: Supervise and lead program areas at Camp. Program Area Directors are responsible for supervising other staff members.

  • Arts & Crafts Director
  • Ropes Course Director
  • Music Director
  • Outdoor Jewish Adventure Director
  • Aquatics Director
  • Assistant Aquatics

Program Specialists: Responsible for the backbone of Camp’s daily activity programs, called Chuggim. When Program Specialists are away from program areas, specialists are assigned to a cabin and work alongside counselors. Specialists must have a background and expertise in the particular area that they teach. Specialty areas include:

  • Archery
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Athletics
  • Ceramics
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Amir Garden
  • Lifeguard
  • Outdoor Jewish Adventure
  • Ropes Course
  • Teva- Nature

Photographer: Responsible for taking photographs of camp activities, creating slideshows, and teaching photography skill-builders.

 Administrative, Health and Facilities: Responsible for the day to day operations in these areas.

  • Office Manager
  • Camp Store Manager/ Programing Assistant/ Driver
  • Health Center Administrator
  • Communications Coordinator

The People

Last summer we had over 100 staff members from 12 states and 6 countries help create our unique community. We work hard during staff training to encourage team building and help everyone meet and mix.  Plus, our camp is perfectly sized so you can get to know everyone.  You won’t be lost in the crowd.  Come join the family!

The Place

Located on the east shore of Devil’s Lake on the Oregon Coast, B.B. Camp is adjacent to the Suislaw National Forest. Nearby Lincoln City is a popular tourist town during the summer, and Portland is a short 2 hours away. Our facilities are quite extensive and include:  heated pool, waterfront, sports filed, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor basketball, amphitheater  Arts and Crafts building with ceramics studio and kiln, camp store, game room and more.

The Experience

  • Planning and Directing programs
  • Leadership and Responsibility
  • Teaching skills and Building teams
  • Public Speaking and Problems solving Skills
  • Supervising groups and Counseling children
  • Managing facilities and Maintaining equipment
  • Great resume experience

The Money

Ok, who really works at a summer camp for the cash?  Think about it this way – your expenses are almost nil because room and board are covered and you’re not out spending money all summer long.  So when the paycheck comes at the end of camp you actually walk away with a good amount of cash.  Not bad.

The Intangibles

We strive to create a warm, comfortable and safe community for all staff and campers.  You’ll make friends for life, challenge yourself, discover skills you never knew you had, make a positive difference in the lives of children, and pocket some cash.  Who could ask for more?

It is our hope that as the camp season comes to an end, you’ll look back on your summer as “the best experience of your life” and continue to stay involved for years to come.

What is the procedure for applying to work at camp?

Click on the Apply Now link and fill out our online application form. Once we have received your application you will be contacted to set up an interview. After your interview and your preliminary paperwork has been received we may come to a verbal agreement. It is the understanding of B’nai B’rith Camp that we consider these verbal agreements as commitments. It is not appropriate for you to speak with another camp about employment after agreeing to work at B.B. Camp. Upon accepting a position you will be sent a contract, a health form, tax forms, a copy of the personal policies and other forms. You are required to sign the contract and return it to our winter office within 10 days of receipt in order to formalize our agreement.

Do I need any special certifications to work at camp?

All staff are required to be certified in First Aid and CPR. Waterfront and Pool staff are required to have Lifeguard Certification (or the international equivalent) . Absence of certification does not preclude you from applying, but we prefer applicants who already possess the necessary certifications. Other positions may require prior certification or specialized training including Archery, Ropes Course, and OJA.

If I was on staff last year, do I get any special consideration for employment?

Veteran staff members are required to interview but will be given the appropriate consideration for their experience. Keep in mindy however that seniority does not refer to a greater level of entitlement, but a higher expectation of responsibility and leadership.

What factors determine whether or not I am offered a position on staff?

Evaluation of all staff, new and returning, will include, but are not limited to: talent, skill, participation, maturity, work ethic, loyalty, stamina, and attitude. Staff members must be positive, respectful, and always put the group first. It is not how much you know that matters, but how much you care.

It is a rare staff member who starts the season with all the knowledge and ability to be 100% successful. It is willingness and capacity to improve that distinguishes the good from the great. Prospective staff must demonstrate their willingness to be part of a team and be a tolerant caring person. Regardless of age, demonstration of maturity will mean a lot.

How many people apply and what are my chances of being selected for Summer Staff?

Each year we receive around 200 applicants and have 100 positions available. A good deal of time is spent regards to these hiring decisions. Applicants who are interested in more than one position have a much high chance of becoming a staff member than those that will only accept being a Counselor if instance.

What if I have a conflict with attending all weeks of camp?

Although it is highly preferred that you attend the full summer it does not necessarily preclude you from being on staff.  Those types of instances will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Regardless of the reason, if you have a camp conflict you should strive to attend as much of camp as possible. If someone else is equally skilled and can attend the entire summer, they may be given first priority in the hiring process. You will need to discuss the conflict with the camp director during your interview.

I’ve worked at a camp before, do I really need to be at Staff Orientation?

Yes! A comprehensive Staff Orientation program is held during the first week of the summer season. During this week, staff members are presented with a great deal of information – from Camp policies and procedures, to working with groups. Staff Orientation is required for all staff members. The goals of staff orientation are two-fold: (1) to give staff members the opportunity to meet, get to know, and develop strong working relationships with each other and (2) to prepare staff members for the challenges of working in a residential camp setting. Group-building experiences, training sessions, and concentrated planning done with other staff members are all combined into Staff Orientation. Combined with the Staff Manual, reading packet, and the good judgment and common sense of the individual staff members, staff orientation should provide the tools and skills necessary to guarantee a successful summer for all.

What if I cannot attend staff week training?

Staff week training is critical to your success during the summer. If you are a new applicant and cannot attend, you may not be able to be part of the B.B. Camp staff (school dates are one of the possible exceptions). If you are a returning staff member and there are extenuating circumstances, you may be excused from the week long training. Those types of instances will be handled on a case-by-case basis after discussion with the camp director.

Can I leave camp during the summer to attend a wedding or other important event?

We will make every effort to accommodate such a request if it is brought to our attention when you apply for the position. However, accommodations of  such requests made after arrival at camp is much more difficult.

How often do I receive time off?

Each staff member usually receives one to two periods off per day. In addition staff also receive nights off, and 7 days off per summer. Days off may begin at dinner and end at dinner the next day. Staff will have several days to choose from however, only so many people can sign up for each day off based upon the unit size and schedule.

When do I get paid?

Summer salaries are broken into four parts, 20% is received on June 30th, July 15th and July 31st, and then 40% is received on August 15th.

Can I bring a pet?

No, pets are not allowed at camp.

What if I am a vegetarian, keep kosher or have other diet restrictions?

B’nai B’rith Camp is a kosher facility. In addition we offer a complete vegetarian menu and salad bar for the camp population. We will do our best to prepare meals that correspond to your needs. If you are a vegan, you may find it necessary to bring your own substitute protein source, as it is difficult for us to cater to those specific needs.

May I receive visitors during camp?

In general visitors are not permitted while camp is in session. On occasion staff may have visitors at camp with the advance permission of the Camp Director. Such visitors are not permitted to go beyond the administrative area of the Camp until the staff member meets them. Visitors are not allowed to use the facilities of the Camp without permission and are in no way to disrupt the camp program. Visitors may not stay at camp overnight.

What is the smoking policy at Camp?

B’nai B’rith Camp is a non-smoking institution. Staff may find it difficult to leave camp during the day and in the evening. We highly encourage our staff to try to use this time as a great way to start on a healthier path of life by quitting. Smoking on camp is prohibited and may result in a review of employment.

As a cabin counselor am I also expected to be an activity instructor?

We hire cabin counselors to work as counselors and a separate staff of specialists to instruct most of our daily activities (i.e. basketball, arts & crafts, tennis, etc.) We do, however, expect counselors to attend activities with their campers and assist specialists with activities. Any counselors interested in leading a specialty activity are encouraged to let the Program Director or Specialist Director know.

Where do I live at camp?

Most staff live in the cabins with the campers. Support and leadership staff members live with other staff in cabins around the camp property. Housing is clean and comfortable. Storage is limited. All cabins have bathrooms and electricity.

Where do I do laundry?

Laundry facilities are not available at camp. Most staff do their laundry where they are staying for their day off or there are several coin-op or drop off laundry facilities in town.

Do I need a car?

No, a car is not a necessity though many staff do find it useful. In most cases you can usually get a ride with fellow staffers. Parking at camp is limited and spots are on a first come first served basis.

Thank you for your interest in working at B’nai B’rith Camp.

Please keep in mind the following as you complete the staff application:

  • Our online application only saves when you change pages using the Continue or Previous buttons on the page, so be sure not to hit the “back” button, or you will lose your progress.
  • We require the following pieces of information which you should have on hand:
    • The names, addresses, phone numbers, and email of up to three work references
    • Your Social Security / Drivers License Number
    • The dates you are available for work at camp
  • You will be asked to complete a series of essay questions. We recommend that you compose your answers to these questions in a word processor offline, then copy the answers into the text boxes so that you can save your work.

If you have any questions  please contact bcharlton@bbcamp.org

Thank you! We look forward to receiving your application.


BB Day Camp Portland

BB Day Camp Portland Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Essential Functions:

To provide for appropriate care, safety, and well-being of youth, staff must:

  • Be able to make appropriate judgements and decisions concerning children
  • Be able to perform job responsibilities during hours scheduled to work
  • Must be able to observe and evaluate adults and children

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Desire and ability to work with children
  • Ability to relate to one’s peer group
  • Ability to accept guidance and supervision
  • Ability to teach skills to other staff members and campers of all ages
  • Hold current First Aid & CPR certifications
  • Good character, integrity, adaptability, enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience, and self-control
  • Extremely flexible and ability to work with deadlines
  • High level of creativity
  • At least 16 years of age
  • Attends staff training week (June 18-22)
  • Ability to commit to a minimum of three weeks of camp, preferably all 8 weeks

Employed Positions Available

Day Camp Portland – Administrative – Office Manager and Wellness Administrator

The office manager and wellness administrator is responsible for coordination of camp business, including coordinating office staffs’ tasks, keeping financial records, and a variety of administrative duties as well as being responsible for tracking and administering medications, first aid, and staff and camper illness triaging. This position is the main office contact during camp hours and will interface with parents, campers, and vendors frequently. This position requires excellent communication skills with campers, staff, and parents. Required experience includes working with in a customer facing office environment, ability to answer phones, multitask, and use Microsoft platforms such as outlook, word, and excel. Experience with CampMinder database a plus.  CPR and First Aid certification required. Experience in medical or related field, or experience administering first aid needed.

Day Camp Portland – Counseling Staff – Head Counselor

A Day Camp Counselor is primarily responsible for care and well-being of the campers in the day camp program. A counselor acts as a role model, supports specialists during activities, and will have opportunities to create their own programs. Must be 18 years or older with some camp experience. Able to work for at least four weeks in a row, preferably all eight weeks.

Day Camp Portland– Counseling Staff – Co-Counselor

A Day Camp Co-Counselor is primarily responsible for care and well-being of the campers in the day camp program. A co-counselor acts as a role model, supports specialists during activities, and supports the head counselor in supervising group activities. Co-counselors are rising 11th and 12th graders with some camp experience, who can work four weeks in a row, preferably.

Day Camp Portland– Counseling Staff – Inclusion Counselor

The Inclusion Counselor is responsible for developing relationships with campers, implementation of positive behavioral strategies, informing parents of camper issues, and strategizing with leadership team for camper care solutions. The role of the Inclusion Counselor is to provide extra support for campers who need it, including campers with ADHD, anxiety, social or behavior challenges, sensory sensitives, or other special needs. The Inclusion Counselor is also a resource to support counselors and staff as needed. This position requires excellent organizational skills, experience with creative problem solving, and conflict management. Experience working with children with special needs and in camp settings is preferred.

Day Camp Portland – Specialist – STEM

The STEM specialist is responsible for planning and leading fun, camp-style programs related to science, technology, and engineering. Specialist must have a background and expertise in teaching science and engineering and be able to create age-appropriate lesson plans for campers in kindergarten through grade 6. This position is part-time with the option to add hours for other supportive staff roles.

Day Camp Portland – Specialist- Athletics

Responsible for planning and leading athletics activities which may include basketball, soccer, cricket, capture the flag, and more. Specialists must have a background and expertise teaching athletics, leading camp games, and be able to create age-appropriate programming for campers in kindergarten through grade 6. This position is part-time with the option to add hours for other supportive staff roles.

Day Camp Portland – Program Team – Arts Specialist

The arts specialist is responsible for supervising the arts, crafts, and ceramics areas. The arts specialist must have a background and expertise in teaching art and be able to create age-appropriate programming for campers in kindergarten-grade 6. The arts specialist will have opportunities for camp-wide projects as well. This position is part-time with the option to add hours for other supportive staff roles.

Day Camp Portland – Program Team – Dance Specialist

The dance specialist is responsible for planning and leading Israeli dance and other dance activities. Specialists must have a background and expertise in dance and be able to create age-appropriate programming for campers in kindergarten through grade 6. This position is part-time with the option to add hours for other supportive staff roles.

Day Camp Portland – Program Team – Song Leader

The Song Leader is responsible for planning and leading camp-wide song sessions, music activities for smaller groups, and Shabbat celebrations. The music specialist must be able to play guitar, lead song sessions, and have an extensive repertoire of camp songs, Jewish songs, and prayers. Specialists must have a background and expertise in song leading and be able to create age-appropriate music themed programming for campers in kindergarten through grade 6. This position is part-time with the option to add hours for other supportive staff roles.

Day Camp Portland – Program Team – Teva (Nature) Specialist

The teva specialist is responsible for planning and leading teva (nature) activities. Teva trips are field trips to outdoor spaces where campers can explore nature more in depth. The Teva specialist will create programs and lead activities with groups K-6 once or twice a week on these field trips. Specialists must have a background and expertise in the area that they teach and be able to create age-appropriate programming for campers in kindergarten through grade 6. This position is part-time with the option to add hours for other supportive staff roles.

Extended Staff

For additional hours, staff are needed to stay late or arrive early and supervise campers for extended care on site for additional pay.

Volunteer Positions

Day Camp Portland – Counselor-in-Training

The Counselor in Training (CIT) program is open to rising 10th graders. CITs in the day camp track will spend their days working as day camp counselors and will receive special training and extra support as a part of a leadership program including through daily professional development with the directors, mentorship with head counselors, and opportunities to create and lead programs. This is a special volunteer program where you can receive up to 160 hours of community service.

To apply for a volunteer position or for more information, please contact Liz Broberg at lbroberg@bbcamp.org or 503.496.7447