What’s working at Camp all about?

Think back to the individuals who have touched your life. It’s a good bet many of them were past teachers, coaches, and mentors. Have you ever asked yourself why these people played such an important part in your life? We’re confident it’s because they took an interest in you, guided you, and challenged you to be your best self. As a staff member at B’nai B’rith Camp, you will have that exact same opportunity to positively impact the lives of our campers!

Any good Camp Director will tell you the key to a successful summer is the quality of the staff. Each year we look for competent, sensitive, and enthusiastic individuals who are dedicated to working with children to fill this role. Implementing dynamic programs at our camps is only meaningful if our staff supports the mission of providing a safe and caring environment for our campers.

  • Planning and Directing programs
  • Leadership and Responsibility
  • Teaching skills and Building teams
  • Public Speaking and Problems solving Skills
  • Supervising groups and Counseling children
  • Managing facilities and Maintaining equipment
  • Great resume experience

We strive to create a warm, comfortable, and safe community for all staff and campers. You’ll make friends for life, challenge yourself, discover skills you never knew you had, make a positive difference in the lives of children.

It is our hope that as the camp season comes to an end, you’ll look back on your summer as “the best experience of your life” and continue to stay involved for years to come.

  • Staff Application: Each staff member must fill out the online Staff Application. The application contains general information questions, questions regarding your skills related to the job, short answer questions that will be reviewed by the BB Camp team. You will need your Social Security Number/Driver’s License number, the dates you are available to work, and contact information for 3 references. Please Note: Once you submit your online application, the references you put down, get contacted directly.
  • Initial Interview: Within two weeks of submitting your application, you will hear from a BB Camp staff member to set up a time to interview. These interviews are typically 30 minutes in duration.
  • Group Interview: BB Camp staff are sometimes asked to return for a group interview. This is an opportunity for us to see how you work with a team and interact with others.
  • Accepting your position: You will receive an email letting you know if you have been accepted to work at BB Camp. This email will contain a link to your contract and other forms. If you choose to accept your contract, you are required to return it within two weeks of receiving it.

All applicants who apply prior to January 1st will be interviewed and notified of their summer employment by February 1st. Following this deadline, we will be hiring for summer on a rolling basis; those who apply earlier will have access to more positions.

Certain roles will require specific qualifications, which will be outlined in your job description. Below are the general qualifications of a BB Camp staff member.

Essential Functions:

All B’nai B’rith Camp staff are respectful, inclusive individuals who are dedicated to creating a safe environment for the growth of children. Those who are chosen to be part of the summer staff team are committing to positively communicating with their co-workers and identifying when they need additional support. All staff members are expected to treat every person on camp in a manner that reflects respect for individuals. They are expected to act in ways that show inclusivity toward all in a group. They must prioritize both the emotional and physical safety of all campers and staff with whom they work. Staff Members must:

  • Have a desire to work with children and adults in a camp setting
  • Be able to accept guidance and supervision
  • Be able to make appropriate judgments and decisions concerning children
  • Be able to identify problems that need to be solved when they arise
  • Prioritize campers at camp while using respect, inclusion, and safety as guiding principles throughout all of their assigned duties.
  • Perform job responsibilities during hours scheduled to work
  • Be able to observe and evaluate adults and childrenHave good character, integrity, adaptability, enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience, and self-control
  • Be prepared to teach skills to other staff members and campers of all ages
  • Be least 16 years of age for Day Camp OR 18 years of age or post-high school for
  • Attends staff training week
  • Hold current First Aid & CPR certifications
Year Round Positions (Career)
Overnight Camp/BB Day Camp Lincoln City Staff
BB Day Camp Staff